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About Us

About Us

Mbm therapies is a amalgamation of Mind, Body & Medicine, which is using your thoughts and feelings to make a difference in your physical health.

We are a team of finest mental health professionals, which include Psychiatrists, Clinical Psychologists, Counsellors, Clinical Hypnotherapists, Regression Therapists, Family Constellation Therapists, Tarot Card and Reiki Healers. We are dedicated to providing tailored treatment and support through a holistic approach towards individual wellbeing. Our team is built on principles of empathy, resilience, and strength, by promoting psychological well-being by empowering individuals to build the courage to overcome emotional difficulties. At mbm therapies we aim at building a safe space for everyone to discuss past, present, future and everything in between with the objective of moving away from a stigmatised setting to an inclusive set-up where professionally trained mental health professionals assist in processing, understanding and reflecting on the difficult emotional experiences and widening perspectives by strengthening coping. Book a session“.

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Boost your mental fitness with healthy habits and a positive mindset. Mental fitness involves emotional resilience, positive thinking, self-awareness, effective stress management, strong social connections, cognitive sharpness, and overall psychological health. By maintaining and enhancing your mental well-being, you can achieve a state of well-being that promotes a healthy and fulfilling life. Start small by incorporating healthy habits into your daily routine and practicing effective stress management. Let's prioritize our mental health and well-being.

To enhance mental health small consistent efforts can lead to significant improvements in mental well-being. Maintain physical fitness, balanced nutrition, and quality sleep. Manage stress through relaxation methods, practicing mindfulness and seek social support. Foster positive thinking, set achievable goals, and engage in enjoyable activities. Remember to limit screen time and substance use. Seek professional help when needed.

Relaxation methods encompass techniques such as deep breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, and meditation to reduce stress and promote a sense of calm. Mindfulness involves staying present in the moment, paying non-judgmental attention to thoughts and sensations. It helps increase self-awareness, reduce anxiety, and enhance overall mental well-being. Both relaxation and mindfulness practices can be valuable tools for managing stress and improving mental health. Take a break and try incorporating these practices into your daily routine.

Counseling or therapy is a professional mental health service aimed at helping individuals address emotional, psychological, or behavioral challenges. It provides a safe and confidential space to explore and understand one's feelings and thoughts, develop coping strategies, and work toward personal growth and well-being. Anyone experiencing emotional or psychological distress, such as anxiety, depression, relationship issues, trauma, or life transitions, can avail of these services.

Therapists, counselors, clinical psychologists, or psychiatrists are trained professionals who provide mental health services, and the choice of therapist may depend on the specific needs and preferences of the individual seeking help.

Psychiatrists are uniquely qualified to diagnose, treat, and prevent mental illnesses and emotional disorders. They offer a lot of services, medication management, to help individuals manage their symptoms and achieve better mental well-being. From mood disorders to complex psychiatric conditions, psychiatrists can provide the care you need. Take the first step towards for better mental health and consult with our psychiatrist today.

Psychologists are mental health professionals who provide a wide range of services to help individuals, couples, or groups overcome emotional and psychological challenges. From anxiety and depression to relationship issues and trauma, psychologists offer tailored support to meet their clients' specific needs. They employ evidence-based therapeutic approaches and techniques to improve mental health and well-being. If you're facing any mental or emotional difficulties, consider seeking the help of a psychologist to get back on track book a session with our top experienced psychologist and clinical psychologist.

The couple or the individual select the therapist with whom you resonate the most according to your needs and budget, then schedule the counselling session. Typically, a counselling session lasts for about 45-60 minutes. The sessions can happen only through virtual mode on our website.

Yes. We do not disclose confidential communications to any third party, unless mandated or permitted by law to do so.

Step1. Create account and make your own profile.
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You can reschedule or cancel your session at least 12 hours before time allotted for your session. Otherwise you have to pay half session fee.

In such a case for resolution of it you can contact us at the given number or can email us regarding the same. The query shall be resolved within 48 working hours.

You can share with us the feedback of your experience. We shall look into it personally. You can then, select the other psychotherapist you resonate with.

I this case you can choose other therapist who are immediately available for the session or you have to go with the time slot of the therapist and for more support contact us.

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Dheeraj Kansal

‘A profound sense of freedom and relief can come from the capacity to look at yourself with sincerity, curiosity, and compassion’

Mr. Dheeraj Kansal is a registered Clinical Psychologist with 5+ years of experience With a passion for mental health and a dedication to holistic well-being.

He brings a unique blend of expertise to the field. His journey has been shaped by diverse experiences and a commitment to helping individuals achieve their highest potential.

He holds credentials in Clinical Psychology, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Systematic Family Constellation Therapy, Transpersonal Regression Therapy, Sports Psychology and a National Gold Medalist in 3rd Vovinam Martial Arts.

He worked to co-create a strong therapeutic relationship based in authenticity with a safe, genuine, and non-judgmental environment, paying close attention to the specific complexities of each individual over the course of this time.

His team of associates follow a special procedure to create holistic therapy and treatment programs for patients that emphasise the strong links between the mind and body.

He works with people who lack a clear psychological or medical diagnosis, those needing cognitive assessment or emotional support after a neurological injury, and those who are experiencing a wide range of challenges, from mild stressors who want to learn more about themselves and develop healthier emotional tools to those with more serious clinical diagnoses who require more formal, specialised treatment with more severe symptoms.

His work is person-centred and sensitive to the various factors that can influence people's experiences - as no one's journey is the same as another, and it is important to think about individual factors that shape their lives.

He puts compassion and empathy at the forefront, and offers a safe, confidential, non-judgmental and thoughtful space where the people he works with can come to find inner calm, clarity, and understanding.

Good health is a state of mental, physical and social well being and it does not just mean the absence of disease!